Jed Lippold

Father, Developer, Teacher & Entrepreneur
Pennsylvania / New York

About Me

Hello! My name is Jed Lippold and I live Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of New York City. 7 years ago, I was a teacher. I left teaching to start by own business, and now I build awesome educational tools full time. I created, then sold and, they are the #1 teacher tools in New York! In my spare time, I work on open source projects, play with my 4 daughters, lift weights and play the drums.

I enjoy building and shipping product. I'm a developer who loves to write code. I am a software architect who has designed complicated systems. I have managed a team of 20+ developers. I've done operations to scale products from 0 to 1,000,000 sessions. I've been a product manager, and I've built awesome applications. And most of all, I automate. I automate everything, from teaching in the classroom, to the lights in my home.

My Resume


  • Sept 2015

    VP of Engineering, IO Education

    Sept 2015 - Present
    CaseNex was acquired by IO Education, and now I am leading an integration project to merge multiple applications and coordinate team members.
  • Sept 2012

    Chief Technical Officer, CaseNex

    Sept 2012 - Sept 2015
    With Datacation now being the largest and most successful division of CaseNex, I lead an engineering team with over 20 developers. During my time, I designed and lead multiple SAAS applications and scaled skedula and pupilpath to serve over a million sessions per month.
  • Sept 2009

    Co-Founder, Datacation

    Sept 2009 - Sept 2012
    After leaving teaching, co-founded a startup named Datacation which specialized in educational technology software. Primarily and
  • Sept 2008

    Professor, College of Saint Rose

    Sept 2008 - Sept 2009
    Remote professor teaching courses in educational technologies. CITE, was a college program offered to help aspiring teachers get certified and licensed.
  • Sept 2003

    Teacher, Herbert H Lehman High School

    Sept 2003 - Sept 2009
    From school aide, to para-professional, to teacher, to Program Chairman. While at Lehman, I learned the inner-workings of New York City classrooms and data systems, then created the very first version of Skedula