My Work

I'm a web developer by trade, but I also enjoy building mobile applications, home automation projects and learning new languages. Here are some examples of applications that I've created over the years.

Commercial Apps

  • & - is the evolution of Skedula into a web application for teacher & classroom management. I created, managed and eventually sold these products. They became wildly popular in NYC from 2010-2016.

Open source, miscellaneous projects

  • tweakCompatible - Adds a compatibility checker for jailbroken apple devices.

  • Coco for DirecTV - An advanced remote control for DirecTV

  • WifiSMS - SMS sending from your computer

  • GesturePad - A UI for controlling my home via mobile device

  • Home.Automation - Node API server for controlling my Home

  • This Blog - Built using hexo, this blog uses a custom theme that I composed.

  • Skedula - a school management application I developed from 2002-2009, this is the predecessor to