Jed Lippold

Father, Developer, Teacher & Entrepreneur
Pennsylvania / New York

Skedula & Pupilpath is a classroom management web application that I developed and nurtured for the past 7 years. It was originally written in asp, then re-written with asp.NET and finally ending in a NodeJS API. I always pushed to keep teachers and students first while writing these applications. This was a struggle because school administrators pay for the software.

Here's a list of some of the features that I created and pioneered

  • Data Extractor
    • A winforms application that scraped the internal NYCDOE systems, ATS and HSST. This was a pivotal foundation for the success in New York.
  • PADS
    • As a report card management system, PADS is another key hook. I wrote this before coming to Datacation. It was crucial because it was the foundation of Datacation's charting components, that eventually became Data Tools then Compass. Before the PADS analysis, there was no drill down from chart to data-set.
  • Skedula
    • Designed, populated and scaled the foundation of the platform.
  • PupilPath
    • A sister parent and student portal to skedula. I created the web application and also the first mobile version using phonegap / javascript.
  • Gradebook
    • The grade book packs a ton of features. Its a one stop shop to submit grades across assignments.
  • Google API's
    • Before google classroom, I wrote a tool to leverage google apis to distribute to many students.
  • Anecdotal Badges
    • This is a system which adds weights to incidents, which eventually translate to a score and badge
  • Data Tools
    • A data analytical platform that showcased advanced charting and UI's